A collection of smaller projects I've done, all examples of times when I really enjoyed myself or learned something new.

When a joke concept idea for a mobile-friendly gif browser sounded fun, I built a quick prototype in a day—making sure to create flexibility for custom themes.

I designed a homepage concept that elevated CT Roller Derby's skaters from a group of amateur roller derby players, to a powerhouse of female athletes that are a force to be reckoned with.

In 2012 I designed a teeshirt for my friends' hardcore band, Cruel Hand.

I designed a direct–mail postcard for Google to promote AdWords for video.

In college I built a roller derby aggregator that would cull recent scores, videos, tweets and blog posts about derby.

I also like tinkering offline; be it building lamps, hand–making small leather goods, or rebuilding my motorcycle's carburetors.

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