Feministing has been online for 10 years—in celebration of that milestone they came to Rodrigo for a redesign.


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There's were a few goals in mind for our redesign for Feministing—the first being to make the homepage look less like a blog, and more like a news site. Taking into consideration Feministing's editorial schedule, I opted for a more feed-like content grid. Another ask was maintaining ad placement, introducing ads within the grid, and making a more prominent donate call-to-action as these are their main sources of revenue.

Another important goal was giving the article pages a bit more love. A consistent hero treatment, pinned share functions, and more attention paid to the contributor helped here.

Feministing's community of contributors has become a reason why users visit the site—they wanted author pages to allow readers to access their favorite contributor's content (and social media accounts!) more easily.

Of course, it was important to make sure that all this translated well to mobile web as well.

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